About Dr. Karl Jawhari, His Reviews, Professional Experience and More

For those who are visiting this site for the first time, Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews the various causes and symptoms of chronic pain, as well as appropriate treatments. Dr. Jawhari spent 15 years doing research and studies on chronic pain, particularly neck and back pain caused by poor spinal disc and spine health. In this blog site, Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews stem cell therapy, spinal decompression, neuropathies and neurotherapy as well.

Dr. Jawhari is a Dallas-based chiropractic doctor who founded Core Integrative Health and co-founded Dallas Spine and Disc. His goal is to help patients achieve long-lasting relief from their chronic pain through healthy methods that promote wellness throughout the body. He specializes in disc and spinal care with nutritional proficiency.

Wanting to share his knowledge and expertise in chiropractic care, Dr. Jawhari taught colleagues effective chiropractic techniques utilized today when he was Teacher Assistant at Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Apart from helping patients regain their mobility and improve their overall well-being through his clinics and what Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews and shares here, the kind-hearted doctor is also passionate about enhancing the lives of others who are in need through his charitable works. He actively supports various charitable institutions, advocacies, and causes, among which are American Red Cross, Dallas Shelter, American Heart Association, Toys for Tots, and St. Jude’s cancer research.

His other accomplishments/achievements also include the following:

  • Author, “How Hormones Are Making You Fat”
  • Co-author, “Neck Pain, You Don’t Want It, You Don’t Need It” and “The Little Black Book of Fitness”
  • National Speaker for Health Awareness Foundation
  • Certified Health Coach by the U.S. Wellness Chamber of Commerce

If you wish to learn more about chronic pain, disc and spinal health, spinal decompression, neuropathic conditions, neurotherapy, and stem cell therapy, you are invited to visit the Blog page.