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Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews Athletes Who Underwent Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews Professional Athletes Who Underwent Stem Cell Therapy

In the world of professional sports, injuries have become commonplace. There isn’t one pro athlete, past and present, who hasn’t been injured at one time or another while on the field or court. In this post, Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews the role that stem cell therapy plays in professional sports, with attention to athletes who have turned to stem cell therapy for help with healing and recovery.

It’s a given that professional sports is a highly competitive arena, where players are not only pitted against each other but against their own selves as well. How? In pro sports, a player is only as good as his or her last game and stats, and the more frequent you sit out games, the higher your chances of your competition catching up. For the most part, players sit out games or even the entire season for one reason alone: injury; and the more serious the injury, the longer the recovery period which means more games missed. Sometimes, athletes never fully recover and are forced to retire; other times, the player’s performance is a dismal showing of his or her previous power.

Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews stem cell therapy and its appeal to professional players

Peyton Manning

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In 2011, the grapevine was abuzz with talk of Peyton Manning going to Europe for stem cell therapy to treat a bulging disk that’s been giving him pain. The stem cells were harvested from Peyton’s own bone marrow and then injected into his neck. Peyton Manning never discussed it publicly nor did he admit that he underwent stem cell treatment.

Peyton Manning is only one of the hundreds of professional athletes who have undergone stem cell therapy to treat their injuries. For some, stem cell therapy was administered to complement surgery, aiding in faster healing and recovery.

Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews: “This is the appeal of stem cell therapy to players; faster healing and recovery because it means they can play once more, sooner rather than later.”

Bartolo Colon

The following year, in 2012, another professional player turned to stem cell therapy this time, to treat a torn rotator cuff, and address damaged ligaments in the elbow and shoulder. It was Bartolo Colon, pitcher for the New York Yankees.

Rafael Nadal

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Arguably the world’s best tennis player, Rafael Nadal himself underwent stem cell therapy as well. For a time, his back was giving him problems and perhaps noticing that his back pains have been compromising his performance on the court, he decided to undergo stem cell treatment. The stem cells were also taken from his own bone marrow.

Other prominent professional athletes who turned to stem cell therapy include Jet’s running back Chris Johnson, Los Angeles pitcher Garret Richards, and former Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett.

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