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Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews Top 3 Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Karl Jawhari Reviews the Top 3 Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews various medical conditions and their specific treatment/s in his blog posts. He is the founder of Core Integrative Health, a medical facility that specializes in chronic pain treatment through non-invasive methods. In this post, Dr. Jawhari focuses on stem cell therapy.

For more than three decades, stem cells from bone marrow have been used on patients dealing with leukemia. As part of the patient’s treatment plan, damaged blood cells are eliminated through chemotherapy, followed by stem cell therapy (or bone marrow transplant) to provide the patient with healthy blood cells. This little bit of fact proves two things: there is strong medical evidence that stem cell therapy works, and that stem cell is not the new concept that a lot of people think it is.

In recent years, there have been medical breakthroughs in stem cell therapy; finding that there are more conditions that can be treated by it. In this post, Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews the benefits of stem cell therapy. Below are his top three:

1. Offers patients a minimally invasive treatment for their condition/s

Stem cell therapy has been found to help patients suffering from chronic pain as well as medical conditions that have affected their quality of life. Some of these include chronic pain caused by trauma or injury like musculoskeletal injuries, spinal stenosis, and orthopedic trauma. Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews also discovered other conditions that stem cell therapy benefits, such as cardiovascular- and diabetes-related conditions, and neurodegenerative diseases.

2. Helps patients regain control of their lives

One of the most important things that stem cell therapy gives patients, one that is immeasurable, is hope; hope that they can, and eventually will, return to their “normal” lives. With stem cell therapy, chronic pain is significantly reduced, wounds tend to heal a lot faster, mobility is restored, and the patient’s quality of life is both regained and enhanced.

3. Treatment can be applied as soon as possible

Before advancements in stem cell therapy were discovered and developed, stem cell treatment was primarily used in patients with leukemia, as mentioned above, wherein the patient first needed to match a compatible donor before treatment can be applied. Today however, this process is no longer needed to treat certain types of conditions or injuries because the stem cell comes from the patients themselves; thus, allowing for immediate treatment.

Based on Dr. Karl Jawhari reviews, this is a factor that is greatly appreciated by patients because they are given an almost immediate relief from their chronic ailments. Stem cells are generally taken from the patient’s bone marrow or the fat tissues on the thighs and abdomen.

There are many other benefits derived from stem cell therapy, but these three shared here are the topmost in Dr. Jawhari’s opinion.